image from Version 1.0 Coming soon

Version 1.0 Coming soon

I’m working on a new update for the Imgur Album Downloader.   Above you can see the finished UI, however I am still working on completing the new features.

Proposed new features (subject to change):

Download all Imgur images from a Reddit user – By entering the URL to a Reddit user profile, the program will download all images the user has posted in either links or comments.

Save to field history – Program will save a user defined number of previous entries for the save to field, preventing the need to browse for a folder every time you open the program.  This feature can be disabled by checking the “don’t save history” box.  Previous entries can also be cleared using the clear history button.

Create a new folder for album – The title of the folder can be based on either the album title, gallery URL, or a custom title defined by the user.

Better error handling – If an image is not found or cannot be downloaded, the program will skip to the next available image instead of presenting an error

Upgraded status notifications – A little bit more detail will be given in the new status bar area at the bottom of the program.

Program update notifications – If a new version is available, the status bar will mention it.

Cancel button – A Cancel button will replace the OK button when downloading images.

I don’t have any specific guess as to when I will be done with the new version, but hopefully I can have it completed within a week (“fingers crossed”) 🙂

If you would like to download the current version, you can find that HERE.


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