image from Reddit Image Downloader Not Currently in Development

Reddit Image Downloader Not Currently in Development

A few months back I was working on rewriting Imgur Album Downloader to the more feature filled Reddit Image Downloader.

Judging by some of the comments I have seen it seems there is still interest in the project being completed.  I am sorry to say that I have not been actively working on Reddit Image Downloader lately as most of my work is being put towards my newly re-written Android app Amazon App Notifier as it now has over 10,000 active users.

The source code for Reddit Image Downloader is currently hosted over on GitHub with a comment stating that it is “Discontinued”.  That is somewhat correct as I have not touched the repository for quite some time and don’t know if I will get back to working on it anytime soon.  I know this news may be disappointing to hear, however as the program is open source anyone is more than welcome to continue the project.  If someone does I am more than willing to help get things started again.

Sorry again if this news disappoints anyone.  If there seems to be high demand for the project to start back up again I may reconsider.



Derek (Sky)


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