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Plans for Imgur Album Downloader

First of all I apologize for the prolonged silence on the status of updates for Imgur Album Downloader.  The program was originally written by me back in March/April for me to get practice for job interviews.  Now that I have a new job doing Java development my time to dedicate to the program has greatly dwindled (although Steam Sales and Skyrim are also to blame).

Now for those of you wondering when the next update for Imgur Album Downloader will be coming… well I don’t have any more plans to update it.  Recently Imgur has added the feature to download albums right from their website, making half of the need for my program no longer necessary.  Now don’t fret, as I know a lot of users used my program to download images from a Reddit user.  I have plans to create a brand new program for that feature from scratch with a new back-end, different functionality, and a new user interface.  The program will be completely open source with the source code hosted over at Github.  I have no ETA on the release as work on  this is in the very early stages, however you are welcome to suggest any features you would like to see as well as help with the development.

I want to thank you all for the many downloads and suggestions I got for Imgur Album Downloader and I hope when I do release this new program you will agree it is better than Imgur Album Downloader.


Thanks For Listening,



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