image from Amazon Free App Notifier Update v1.0.1 Coming Soon

Amazon Free App Notifier Update v1.0.1 Coming Soon

An update to Amazon Free App Notifier will be coming soon to Google Play.

Fixes for Version 1.0.1 will include:

  • Fixed notifications not appearing on some phones
  • Increased timeout for reading app name and price to 30 seconds
  • Fixed notification so when clicked on it launches the appstore on the main store page instead of the last open view

A new permission as also been added to the app as it is needed for newer phones.  The app will now require the WAKE_LOCK permission to prevent the phone from going to sleep when a notification is launched.  This permission is only used for a few seconds and should not greatly impact battery life.


I am still testing the update right now, but you are welcome to download the pre-release version now.


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