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Amazon App Notifier 2.0-BETA



The app is available on Google Play.

Will also be available to download from F-Droid once out of beta status


Version: 2.0-BETA

Amazon App Notifier is a free and open source notification manager for providing notifications for the free app of the day on theAmazon Appstore.

Developer: Derek (Skylark95)




This app requires the following permissions. Permissions labeled with _“optional”_ can be changed in settings to no longer be used.

  • Full Network AccessOptional, Used for downloading app data for the free app of the day
  • Google Play Billing Service: Will be used in the future for accepting donations
  • View Network ConnectionsOptional, Needed to see if device is offline before downloading app data.
  • Run At StartupOptional, will show notification at startup
  • Control VibrationOptional, vibrate when notification fires
  • Prevent Phone from Sleeping: Allows the notification to display even if the device is sleeping


Donations are always appreciated for supporting development of this app.

Donations are currently not enabled in the app but you can donate $1 now by purchasing the old version of this app below:

Help & How To

Consider this section on my TODO list.

Code Statistics

See page at

Open Source Tools

Special thanks to the following for making this huge update possible:

Bug Reports

I’ll be honest and say this beta release was put together somewhat quickly due to the previous version breaking…

If you find bugs that my current scope of testing didn’t seem to catch

Please email me ( if you find any bugs or report them on the GitHub project page

Planned updates

These are updates I have planned for the future.

As I work full time and writing Android apps just a hobby of mine I try my best to

add more features but make no guarantees on the amount of time it will take for updates

  • If device is offline try notification again a few times (Planned fix for showing device offline when starting the phone)
  • Options to filter by more categories
  • Some potential suggestions I receive from users


Version 2.0-BETA – 4/8/2013

Early beta release of newly rewritten app due to recent changes on Amazon breaking notifications for previous versions

Completely rewritten with new UI and open source

Expandable notifications for Android Jellybean

Option to filter for apps with category “Games” (more category filters are planned)

Currently known bugs:

App developer section of notification sometimes shows private policy after the developer name

Please email me ( if you find any bugs or report them on the GitHub project page

Version 1.0.4 – 9/22/2012

Small bug fix affecting free version

Version 1.0.3 – 9/21/2012

If Appstore not found on phone, clicking notification redirects to download page

Fix startup crash on some phones

Version 1.0.2 – 9/21/2012

Added Option to disable vibrate

Version 1.0.1 – 08/13/2012

Fixed notifications not appearing on some phones (4.0 ICS, 4.1 Jelly Bean)

Increased timeout for reading app name and price to 30 seconds (Less error downloading data messages on a slow connection)

Fixed notification so when clicked on it launches the appstore on the main store page instead of the last open view (Get to downloading your free app faster!)

Works great on my new Nexus 7! 🙂

Version 1.0 – 05/16/2012

Initial release


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