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PC Photos Posted plus SSD
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Skylark95's Home Page

Skylark95, a name that first appeared on the Original Xbox and has now taken the internet by storm.

Now you are probably wondering who I am and what kind of website you are looking at. I will try to keep the summery about me short and sweet. I am currently a Senior in college living in the state of Illinois. Most of my interest involves technology and computers. I am also majoring in Information Systems (yes, it deals with computers). Some of my hobbies involve hanging out with friends, playing Xbox 360, PC Games, creating websites (which is why you are reading this), browsing the internet, programming, forum posting, and much more that I can't think of...

And since I am not an English major and I suck at writing stuff... that is about all you are going to get as a summary for me.

- Sky

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Email: skylark95@live.com