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Updating this page is on my TODO list.

Skylark95, the gamertag I chose back in the days of the original Xbox after getting my first car in 2006. Little did I know I would soon come to use that username on dozens of other sites, and even register it as a domain name. Now what is Skylark95, why did I pick it? Well my first car was a 1995 Buick Skylark. So my gamertag was named after Skylark the car model, not Chip Skylark from the Fairly Oddparents (and yes, people have asked that).

For more about me and less about my username, I am a 22 year old male living in the state of Illinois. I recently graduated with a major in Information Systems and currently hold a position as a Java Web Developer. I have also had previous experience through an internship working as a Mainframe Developer. I have had an interest in computers since high school but it wasn’t till college where that interest really took off. From building computers to gaming to programming websites, desktop applications, and Android apps; I have a broad interest when it comes to the field of technology.

I have had a few small websites that I created in the past, however this site started back in April 2012 when I had a need for a better web host and the free ones just were not cutting it. Soon after registering the domain name, I learned a little PHP to run some scripts on this site for various programs and apps I have created in the past and then added WordPress as an easy way to organize my work. Imgur Ablum Downloader, one of the more popular programs that I created, was originally written for me to get job interview practice. The other items on this site are things I have written in the past, as well as after the release if Imgur Album Downloader to fuel my interest for programming. All the programs and apps that I create are free and starting with Reddit Image Downloader, will be open source. I don’t expect anything in return other than your feedback and your understanding if my love for gaming gets in the way of me writing updates (ahem… Skyrim). 🙂

And now here is the thing… right here is probably where the conclusion for this little write up about me and this site should go according to what I was taught in English classes, but being a programmer, spelling and grammar are not my thing as you can probably tell from this likely run on sentence, so while I am at it I guess I will bring this summary to a conclusion in my conclusion that is just one big run on sentence that I am going to finish right now.

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